Meet the Team

We are a small and passionate group of like-minded individuals, each with our own expertise and determination to make this platform a real accelerator for change.
Pablo Martínez Mengod CEO

Pablo has a passion for beer, especially after working in Belgium with some of the best breweries in the world more than 15 years ago. Since then he has always been involved with beer in one way or another, both with the craft beer world, and with multinationals such as Heineken. He loves working on projects oriented towards positively surprising the consumer, and he believes Ocean Beer has the potential to break moulds.

“To begin changing the world is as easy as opening an Ocean Beer."

Santiago Corral Visionary & Founder

Santiago loves good beer and the sea. He is also a water sports fan and practitioner. It had to be done... and so Ocean Beer was born

Carolina Manhusen Schwab Founder

Carolina doesn’t even drink beer but Ocean Beer has won her over.

Passionate about development and social causes, she is fully committed to this beer to ensure the oceans get as many resources as possible. Carolina brings the team together and pushes things forward.

Martin Schwab Founder

Born and raised in Canada, Martin has spent most of his life sailing and enjoying the oceans. He is thrilled to be teaming up with friends and family to launch Ocean Beer as well as the Ocean Born Foundation.

Fernando Escribano Founder & Master Brewer

Fernando is a beer lover and connoisseur. He ensures everything flows seamlessly and that our products always meets our high standards.

Gabriel Alheja Chief Financial Officer

Gabriel is passionate about business, and very aware of the fact that it is in everyone's hands to make the world better. He is delighted to have the opportunity to do just that through Ocean Beer.

Thanks to Gabriel's entrepreneurial can-do attitude, he is able to work on multiple facets to get Ocean Beer off the ground.

Marisol García Vilet Communication & Events

Marisol feels completely linked to the ocean, since a very young age she has been involved in activities like sea turtle preservation, ocean clean ups and sustainable fishing. All these combined with her professional background in advertising, creates the perfect mix to make a positive change towards a healthier, better planet.

"Even the smallest changes we make in our consumption habits can make a great difference for our planet."